Why Thib’s Should Trade Wins for Patience in Year One

I’m as starved as anyone in Minnesota to see these Wolves make a push and topple that 500 barrier that they can’t seem to get over. However, I don’t think it would be wise for the long-term outlook of the franchise to push for the playoffs this year.  Now I’m not saying Thibs is gunning for playoffs or bust this season.  In fact the moves he made this off-season so would suggest he is not making a strong push for the playoffs.  As accomplished as Thibs is as a coach he has not had this responsibility before, and I’m not talking about his job as POBO.  I’m talking about the once in a generation talent that is Karl-Anthony Towns.  I’m not talking about coaching KG or Pierce in their 30s.  I’m talking about growing and cultivating a star(before you say it, I am unapologized Derrick Rose hater).  Some might say that Towns progression can’t be stopped and he will fulfil his destiny as a fully operational basketball star no matter what happens.  I on the otherhand keep reminding myself that this is Minnesota sports and nothing goes as planned in Minnesota sports.  Towns showed amazing promise his rookie season but still struggled when asked to defend with a below-average front court partner.  He also was primarily used in the high post and low block, which was good for his development both in his rookie season and his year at Kentucky.  But I’m ready to watch him develop his perimeter game as well as help defense.  Before I get yelled at I understand his help defense is good but often times when paired with a poor defender down-low Towns overcompensated and left big gaps in the Wolves defense. Although this isn’t necessarily all his fault, if he plans on becoming a top 5 defensive big in the NBA he needs to learn how to play with a sub-par defensive mate down-low.   Coach Thibs may want to play Dieng or Aldridge with Towns to sure up rebounding and defensive. I feel he may be better off developing his defense by pairing him with Bjelicia or Shabazz and having him learn by trial that sometimes stars not only have to carry their weight but mask their teammates weaknesses.  Now onto the otherside of the ball.  I think Towns already has a near elite perimeter game for a player his size.  We just need to see it more often and with more confidence.  Often times he hesitated before shooting outside shots or putting the ball on the floor in the open court.  Things got better as the season went on and you have to wonder how much of that hesitation was due to coaching.  The point is if he unlocks the guard skills that he has and it becomes second-nature he will be one of if not the most versatile big men to ever play this game.   Part of helping Towns grow is helping his friends grow with him.  That means not sacrificing LaVines minutes for Brandon Rush because LaVine had a mental lapse on defense.  In all likelihood Towns will be a bona-fide all-star but as we’ve seen time and time again you can’t do it on your own in this league.  Towns needs Wiggins, LaVine and Dunn to reach their potential almost as much as he needs to reach his own.  That means Thibs might have to fight the urges of benching these younger guys this season in lieu of a few more wins and possibly squeezing into the 8th seed.  I could be totally off-base on this and the wolves might have the ability to win 45-50 games next year while also playing for the future but I don’t see that in the cards.  This is why Thibs and wolves fans would be wise to wait until next your to end this league long playoff drought.


Fire Up The Party Boat and Get Daunte On The Horn! 


That’s right you heard me, call up Daunte, Smoot, and McKinnie because there is a new gang (rape) in town.

It’s been over 10 years since the infamous Vikings Party Boat incident happened.  Quick refresher for those who don’t remember. Multiple players, including but not limited to: Daunte Culpepper, Fred Smoot, and Bryan McKinnie, were investigated for rape on an incident that happened while many of the players were enjoying a day off on a “party boat.”  Could you imagine how lit that party boat would of been had Darren Sharper been on the Vikings in 05? (Already headed to hell but this Sharper comment may put me on the fast track.) Anyway, it’s been pretty quiet in Minnesota since then when it comes to teammates having an orgy, consentual or not….  Until now!!!

Before Sundays game against Illinois the Minnesota Gophers men’s basketball team announced that guards Kevin Dorsey, Nate Mason, and Dupree McBrayer would not be suiting up on Sunday for what they called a violation of the team rules.  Rumors started circulating as to why, and boy let me tell you its juicer than a Kardashians ass.

Before I get to the juice(insert Schwimmer joke here) I didn’t think much of the three players being suspended.  Since he has gotten to Minneapolis Dicky Pitino has not been afraid to bring the hammer down on players.  I can recall his first year when he suspended our best big Mo Walker for 5 games for violation of team rules.  I was on campus during that year and everyone knows big Mo just wanted to get his blunt on.  He has also kicked Zach Lofton off the team last year after he was partying at the clubs in Minneapolis. Then he kicked Daquan McNeil off the team for choking and beating his girl friend.  Ok I get that one. Just a few weeks ago he kicked off Carlos Morris for what Pitino said was Conduct Detrimental to the Team.  What the fuck does that mean little Dicky?  So I figured the boys just got caught by dad smoking the same Marijuana cigarettes again. Well, was I ever off.  Word is that Kevin Dorsey uploaded a video on his twitter.  Hang on, not just one video but 2!!!  Not just any old videos but videos that should be preceeded by a pizza delivery or a “my parents won’t be home for a few hours.”  People who’ve seen the video told me that they couldn’t make out any faces in first video but in the 2nd one you can clearly make out Dorsey…punishing some chick fron behind while another person who couldn’t be identified filled this nice ladies mouth with something other than words.  Since Mason and McBrayer are suspended with Dorsey one could only assume that those two were the others in the videos.

Almost any other year and this is a classic facepalm gopher moment.  This year is a different beast. Since even making the Cbi, or whatever the fuck they call the even shittier nit, is out of reach I need something to hold on to and remember thus season by.  I thought it would be a home win over Maryland that I would remember from this season but coming in hot late in the season, the classic team gangbang.

I now feel like my Gophers are superior than almost every college basketball team out there. Unless you win the NCAA title don’t talk to me.  Oh you had a player make the all American team? Well we had two players Eiffel Tower some chick and posted it on Twitter, yeah keep walking bitch. This will forever be in my heart of most gophery moments ever.  Right next to getting the only deep tournament run made by them stripped away. Fuck I hate to love this team.  Just wanted to say I feel for  Richard Pitino.  First the dudes dad gets caught banging secretaries. Then his program is put on the ropes for a prostitution scandal. And now this, poor guy can’t get away from sex scandals and he’s never the one that gets to do the fun part of the scandals.  Oh and a special thanks to Kevin Dorsey for pulling the ultimate freshman move and opening Twitter instead of snap chat.